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Brand: BOYA Model: Boya
BY-WM6R Wireless Bodypack Receiver for BY-WM6 Lavalier Wireless Microphone System for ENG EFP DSLR Cameras & Camcorders with Separate Package..
Ex Tax:AED315.00
Brand: BOYA Model: BOYA BY-PM700
USB Computer Microphone for Vlog Conference Live, BOYA BY-PM700 Live Condenser Microphone with Flexible Polar Pattern for Windows and Mac Tablet Recording Interview Vlog Game Podcast..
Ex Tax:AED410.00
Brand: BOYA Model: BOYA BY-M4OD
XLR Lavalier Microphone Omnidirectional, 78'' BOYA BY-M4OD Phantom Power Clip-On 3-pin Lapel Mic for Canon Sony Panasonic Camcorders Zoom H4n H5 TASCAM YouTube Audio Recorders..
Ex Tax:AED157.00
Brand: BOYA Model: BOYA BY-WFM12 V
12-Channel Wireless Camera Microphone Smartphone BOYA BY-WFM12 VHF Lapel Mic System Lavalier for iOS iPhone X 8 7 7plus iPad Canon Nikon DSLR DV Camcorders Audio Recorder Vlog YouTube Video..
Ex Tax:AED375.00
Model: 40 sheets Fujifilm
40 sheets Fujifilm Instax mini 9 films white Edge 3 Inch for Instant Camera 7 8 25 50s 70 90 sp-1 sp-2 Photo paper..
Ex Tax:AED93.98
Model: 8568b001 (rp-108)
8568b001 (rp-108) Ink & Paper Combo Pack, Tri-Color..
Ex Tax:AED99.00
Brand: BOYA Model: KKmoon BOYA BY-WS1000
KKmoon BOYA BY-WS1000 Microphone Blimp Windshield Suspension System with XLR Cable for 20-22mm Diameter Shotgun Microphones..
Ex Tax:AED350.00
Brand: BOYA Model: Boya
BOYA BY C04 Professional Shock Mount..
Ex Tax:AED79.00
Brand: BOYA Model: Boya
BOYA BY M1 Lavalier Microphone for Smartphones Canon Nikon DSLR Cameras Camcorders Audio Recorder PC..
Ex Tax:AED51.00
Brand: BOYA Model: Boya
BOYA by-BCA6 Microphone Cable..
Ex Tax:AED157.00
Brand: BOYA Model: Boya
BOYA BY-DM2 Omni-directional Digital Lavalier Microphone Clip-on Video Recording Mic with Type-C Android Devices..
Ex Tax:AED250.00
Brand: BOYA Model: Boya
Boya BY-HM100 Omni Directional Handheld Microphone For Interviews..
Ex Tax:AED197.97
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